D&D at the MOSH


Darwin & Dinosaurs debuted at the Museum of Science & History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida, on May 27, 2016. Here are some photos of the exhibit.


Family Photo Leg L Downsized
A family takes a photo with the giant Apatosaurus leg.


A visitor stops for a moment to look at the Albertosarus which is attacking a small ceratopsian.


Here is a video of the Hungry Birds game at the MOSH on a giant 70″ screen, with an explanation of how it teaches natural selection.


Below is a video that shows how the Exploration Tablets (42″ touchscreens) work and how they encourage visitors to explore on their own.


Mother & Daughter TS L
A young girl tries out one of the 42″ Exploration Tablets.


Girl at Game C
A young child plays the Hungry Birds game on the giant 70″ touchscreen. Hungry Birds demonstrates how natural selection works and is recommended by the NSTA.


Girls at Anning Up Close L
Two visitors looking at the special section on Mary Anning, a pioneering women paleontologist.

Boy at leg C L

Albert with Kid L
A young boy is dwarfed by the giant Albertosaurus.