The Darwin & Dinosaurs exhibit features ten (10) complete dinosaur skeletons and six (6) partial (note there are three Dromaeosaurs in the list below). In most cases, the dinosaurs are set in realistic poses on custom 24″ high platforms (typically surrounded by stanchions).



1. Nanotyrannus (1)

The Nanotyrannus is a controversial animal. Some paleontologists believe it is a juvenile T. rex while others believe it is a completely separate (and obviously smaller) species. It clearly follows the general T. rex body plan, but it has so unique characteristics (for example, its teeth appear to be different). The Nano is about 15 feet long and six feet high. It is often placed in the lobby as a teaser (as shown here at the MOSH in Jacksonville).

Nano Lobby MOSH 2


2. “Ava” – a new species of ceratopsian and Albertosaurus (2)

Ava is a new species (not yet named). Unlike the well-known Triceratops which has three horns, Ava has two. It is believed this specimen is a juvenile based on the development of the bone. Ava is posed in a fight scene with Albertosaurus. Albertosaurus is a theropod dinosaur similar to, but smaller than, T. rex. Although a full-grown Ava might be too much for an Albertosaurus, a juvenile like Ava would be a prime target.

Ava and Albertosaurus NEW 3


3. Pachycephalosaurus versus three Dromaeosaurs (4)

This scene has three Dromaeosaurs taking down a Pachycephalosaur in a dynamic, highly realistic pose. One of the Dromaeosaurs is actually on top of the Pachy.

Raptors attacking Pachy


4. Pteranodon (1)

A large Pteranodon hangs from the ceiling in D&D (requires 15′ high ceiling). It has a wingspan of 24′ and makes a dramatic addition to the exhibit.

Pteranodon Hanging from Ceiling 2


5. Plesiosaur (1)  (image to come.)


6. Dimorphodon (1)

The Dimorphodon, a small pterosaur discovered by Mary Anning, lives in case #2 in the Mary Anning Section.




1. T. rex Skull

Rex Skull


2.T. rex Track (image to come)

3. Maidstone Slab (image to come)


4. Sauropod Leg

A complete hind leg of an Apatosaurus is mounted where visitors can measure it and themselves against a giant 11 foot ruler (the leg is over 11′ high!).

Sauropod Leg on Twitter


5. Touchable bones (image to come)


6. Icthyosaur Skull

An ichthyosaur skull (discovered by Mary Anning) is in Case Three.

Ichthyosaur Skull